Spinal Navigation and Robotics

Quite often, patients ask about robotics in spinal surgery. The use of robotic technology in spine surgery is an exciting frontier, but it is just one part of the wider use of navigation technology in spinal surgeryDr Ball has unique access to spinal navigation technologies and will choose the technology appropriate for your surgery.

Spine surgery may involve the placement of screws or other implants in the spine. Traditionally, these are placed freehand or with X-ray guidance. Despite careful technique, there is a chance of implants being placed in an inaccurate position – posing a risk to the spinal cord, spinal nerves or other structures.

Spinal navigation uses modern computer technology to increase the accuracy of placement – increasing safety.

There are 2 main systems that Dr Ball can use for your surgery – the O-arm/Stealth system or the Renaissance Robotics system.

The choice of system depends primarily on the type of surgery required. Both have demonstrated high rates of accuracy.

The attached document further details information about spinal navigation technology.

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